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bringing guns to knife fights since '86

bang bang, baby

a mysterious entity
18 June 1986


here are the basics: twenty-three years old, born and raised in Canada, currently living in Japan. I've got a degree in languages and linguistics and am doing my best to learn Japanese and French. I value the free-thinking and open-minded; I think life is short so you'd better spend it having fun.


the things I like are rainy days, rolling down the car window just to feel the breeze, manga, writing, reading, being off in another world, photography, autumn, doubting your commitment to Sparkle Motion, travel without a destination, fire, thunderstorms, the funny little things in life, going my own way. the things that I dislike are bigotry and bigots, bad hair days, intolerance, global warming, electronics packaging, SUVs, the need for sleep (really, imagine how much more you could accomplish with a 24-hour day).


currently playing
✠ Tsuchimiya Kagura [soulbondage] @ campfuckudie
✠ Midna [enigmidnatic] @ campfuckudie
✠ Oga Tatsumi [daddybolical] @ campfuckudie
✠ Michiko Malandro [jailbroke] @ Sabra La Tau
✠ Li Syaoran (TRC, original) [time_and_again] @ Sabra La Tau
✠ Tidus @ campfuckudie


Human Rights are universal.


"Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company." --Mark Twain
"I aim to misbehave." --Firefly


holding close my secrets, naked broken pieces
favourite media are: tsubasa reservoir chronicle, saiyuki, final fantasy, legend of zelda, fullmetal alchemist, neon genesis evangelion, firefly/serenity, heroes, eureka seven, samurai champloo, Ace Attorney (series), "The Time Traveler's Wife", Sabriel (series).
from the madness in what you do, the fingers point right back at you
they call it a royale with cheese

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